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First day at POSSE….Major observation is how deeply engrained in tradition the Open Source community is.

I’ve been observing the open source movement close to from it’s inception.  I had the pleasure of hearing Stallman ranting about free software back at Worldcon 89 in Boston…(I distinctly recall him verbally flaming a participant who wanted to use the GNU libraries in his corporate project…this was before the LGPL…Stallman wanted nothing to do with the LGPL.)

My view on the counterculture is that, although the tools may have changed, the feeling of the community has not…Still very passionate…still very results oriented…still very much commandline and text based.

Sort of makes me feel old.  I exited this counterculture and turned to the dark side many moons ago…I wonder if I’ll even have the energy to go back…who knows…I actually wrote my last research paper using LaTeX.   Maybe there is hope.


Blog setup for POSSE 2012 @ RIT.